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The Herb
Latin Name Zingiber officinale (Rosc.)
English Name Ginger
Sanskrit / Indian Name Sunthi
Zingiber officinale is a tall herbaceous aromatic herb. The vitamins present in green ginger are: thiamine, 0.06; riboflavin, 0.03; niacin, 0.60; and vitamin C, 6.0mg./100 g. The value reported for carotene in the fresh rhizome is 40 µg./100 g. The predominant sesquiterpene hydrocarbon is zingiberene (a- and ß-zingiberene, C15H24; 35.6% in one sample of the Indian oil);other sesquiterpenes present in the oil are ar-curcumene (17.7%), farnesene (9.8%). Besides the pungent principles, the oleoresin contains essential oil and also non-pungent substances.


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Ginger possesses antioxidant properties and may be added to edible oils and fats to protect them against oxidative rancidity. The phenolic constituents of the alcohol-soluble fraction of the spice are responsible for the anti-oxidant effect. Ginger is valued in medicine as a carminative and stimulant to the gastro-intestinal tract. It is much in vogue as a household remedy for flatulence and colic. An extract of ginger is used as an adjunct to many tonic and stimulating remedies. Externally, ginger is used as a local stimulant and rubefacient. Alcoholic extracts of the spice have been found to stimulate the vasomotor and respiratory centers of anesthetized cats; they also stimulate the heart. Ginger is reported to contain an anti-histaminic factor. In veterinary practice, ginger is used as a stimulant and carminative in atonic indigestion of horses and cattle.

1 capsule twice a day after meals with water.
Please maintain an hour's gap between intake of our products and other allopathic drugs.

* Recommended only at the age of 14 years and above.

Chem. Abstr., 1964, 61, 6047; 1969, 71, 33425; 1968, 68, 62681.

Merck Index, 489.

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