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Oxitard capsules

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The unique stress reliever from Himalaya healthcare Ltd

Managing stress effectively is a constant need. Please read this and consult your doctor for further advice. 
What is stress?
Stress is the way you react both physically and emotionally to change. Stress can either be positive or negative. It may be the sense of heightened concentration you feel when faced with a new and challenging situation or it may be a continual sense of being geared up and unable to relax. Stress can refer to physical effort as well as mental tension. All individuals feel stress, but each one feels it in different amounts and react in different ways.
What causes stress?
Stress situations are a constant feature in today's life, whether traffic jams, deadlines at work or coping with family demands. This tense lifestyle makes us physically, emotionally and mentally stressed. In the short term, stress causes disruptions like difficulty in studies, disturbed concentration at work, headaches, etc. In the long term, stress can cause significant health problems like ulcers, depression, etc. Overcoming stress successfully in daily life plays a key role not only in our survival, but also in leading a successful life.
What does stress do to a person?
Stress is an unseen ailment which disturbs the equilibrium. Stress can no longer be taken lightly as it has become an established medical problem affecting both body and mind. Our personality, behavior and lifestyle influence our stress levels. Constant excessive demands in life, lead to an inability to cope with stress, which results in physical exhaustion, fatigue, poor concentration, impaired attention and stress-related illnesses like high blood pressure, heart attack, insomnia, hair loss, skin rashes, bowel disturbances, etc. Stress also disturbs the mental state of a person leading to anger, boredom, and frustration. Stress becomes harmful to our body when we cannot control our responses or cope with it effectively.
Tips to help you cope with stress

  • Learn to relax: Learn relax through deep breathing exercises and muscle tension reduction exercises. Throughout the day, take "minibreaks." Sit down and get comfortable, slowly take a deep breath in, hold it, and then exhale very slowly.
  • Practice acceptance: Many people get distressed over things they can't accept. Often, these are things that can't be changed, like someone else's feelings or beliefs. Let go and accept others, chances are that your stress level will decrease.
  • Talk rationally to yourself: Ask yourself what real impact the stressful situation will have on you in a day, a week, a month, and see if you can minimize the negative thoughts. Think whether the situation is of your making or someone else's. If it is your problem, approach it calmly and firmly, and if it is of someone else's making, let go, as there is not much you can do about it.
  • Get Organised: Develop a realistic schedule of daily activities that includes time for work, sleep, relationships, and recreation. Use a daily "things to do" list. Improve your physical surroundings by cleaning your house and organising your office work. Use your time and energy as efficiently as possible.
  • Exercise: Try to keep physically healthy by involving yourself in some sort of physical activity. Physical activity has always provided relief from stress. Develop a regular exercise program to help reduce the effects of stress before it becomes distress. Try aerobics, walking, yoga, jogging, dancing, swimming, etc.
  • Reduce time urgency: If you frequently check your watch or worry about what you do with your time, learn to take things a bit slower. Allow plenty of time to get things done. Plan your schedule ahead of time.
  • Do not be overly competitive: Every situation in life does not require you to win or lose. Adjust your approach to an event according to its demands.
  • Quiet Time: Balance your family, social, and work demands with private time. Make time for fun activities, it is just as important as study or work. Get involved in an activity such as sports, art crafts, hobbies or anything that you find relaxing. Hobbies are good antidotes for daily pressures. Unwind by taking a quiet stroll, having a warm oil massage and shower, watching the sunset, or listening to some soothing music.
  • Try meditation: Try meditation by concentrating on a movement, a sound, an image, or a thought. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Before you know it, you will be meditating.
  • Watch your habits and eat sensibly: Try to eat well balanced meals and don't skip any meal. A balanced meal will provide all the necessary energy you will need during the day. Avoid non-prescription drugs and minimize alcohol use - you need to be mentally and physically alert to deal with stress. Try to stop cigarette smoking.
  • Talk to friends: Talk about your stress to friends or family members who are supportive. Friends can be good medicine. Daily doses of conversation, regular social engagements, and occasional sharing of deep feelings and thoughts can reduce stress quite nicely.
  • Develop a positive attitude: One of the best ways to manage stress is to develop a positive attitude. Looking on the brighter side of life will give you the mental strength and determination to take stress as part of life and manage it effectively. Maintain a daily diary that helps you affirm the positive things in your life. Do it everyday.
  • Smile, it costs nothing: One of the best ways to cope with stress is to smile. A smile relaxes all the major facial muscles. It sets off an emotional chain reaction that makes you feel good. Have a good laugh as often as possible.
    What are the advantages of managing stress?
    You enjoy life more fully when you manage stress. You will look better, feel happier, stay active and independent and stay more relaxed around other people. And, you will be the captain of your own ship, in control of your life and the path you want to take. Now that you are well informed on stress and how it can be overcome, please realize that stress is a medical concern. But the great news is that it can be managed effectively.

There is a widely used, trusted herbal medicine for stress.

Extensive research and testing on herbal ingredients by Himalaya have resulted in a unique herbomineral preparation, Oxitard, which helps people to cope better with stress and restores vitality. Oxitard is a daily health tonic containing vitamin C, iron, zinc, and other nutrients, which improve physical and mental performance. Oxitard has antioxidant properties to scavenge free radicals, and improve body immunity. Oxitard helps relieve fatigue, rejuvenate the entire body, and promotes well-being. Oxitard is also helpful in occupational stress and stress-related anxiety disorders.

We hope this information will help you to manage stress better and enjoy every moment of your life.

The above information is not meant to be a substitute  for professional medical advice.

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