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Glucolev Capsule

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Product Description

Glucolev is a balanced multifacet formula having having scientifically proven Herbs and Bhasmas for their known action on diabetes Mellitus or Madhu Meha. Glucolev contains concentrated extracts derived from Methi, Jambu beej, Madhunashini, Aswagandha and Amalaki. Glucolev is also fortified with Shilajit, Jasad Bhasma etc.

Glucolev helps in regulating blood sugar and increases body resistance. The Combination of Glucolev not only controls urine and blood sugar levels but also prevents the combination of diabetes.

Diabetes Mellitus is a disease of distrubed carbohydrate metabolism resulting in high blood glucose level and glycosuria. It is popularly called as Madhumeha in Ayurveda. Glucolev is a balances multi action formula containing time tested herbs of known repute. Methika Beej in Glucolev improves glucose tolerance and reduce the absorption of Carbohydrates from intestinal tract. Madhu nashini in Glucolev as the name indicates controls excess sugar from the body. Jambu Beej acts in complimentary to the above and lowers blood sugar levels gradually.

Ashwagandha in Glucolev helps prevent nervous complications and tones up the nerves. Amalaki being a rejuvenator with high vitamin'C' content helps heal the wounds quickly.

Shilajit helps in increasing body resistance and prevents renal complications. It is considered as a good remedy in the management of Diabetes by the ancient seers.

Jasad Bhasma provides the needed Zinc salts to the body which is an essential element for regulating Insulin functions.

Thus the composition of GLUCOLEV not onlycontrols urine and blood sugar level but also prevents the complication of Diabetes.

Do’s and Dont’s in Diet and Exercise

Avoid sweet, Cream, Butter, Cheese, Jams, Pastry and Jellies.
Do not take fatty and fried food stuff with excessive spices.
Consume Germinating beans (sprouting) of high protein value.
Regular morning walk and mild exercise like yoga help you in effective control of diabetes.

Important Instruction

Patients on other antidiabetic drugs and insulin should reduce the dosage of such medicines gradually but should not stop at once. Blood Sugar levels should be monitored periodically and the dosage to be readjusted accordingly.
Glucolev is useful in both insulin dependent and non-Insulin dependent diabetics.

Each Capsule Contains

  • Amalaki Powder 125 mg
  • Su. Shilajit 100 mg
  • Jasad Bhasma 25 mg
  • Methika beej 2 g
  • Jambu beej 250 mg
  • Madhunasini 250 mg
  • Ashwagandha 125 mg


    Regulates carbohydrate metabolism and helps prevents associated complications.


    One Capsule 2-3 times a day ½ hour before meals with a glass of water, or as directed by the physician.


    Store in a dry place. Keep away from Light and Heat.

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